Very Professional and Helpful Realtor!!

A Very Professional and Helpful Realtor!!
When we decided to sell our family home we wanted someone who would take the time to really help us out. He listened to what we wanted to list the house for and made some recommendations to better help us get through the process. He took professional pictures of the house which helped draw a lot of attention to our listings. Between social media and other home buying websites, Chris was able to show us details even down to how many people have clicked on the links. Having two open houses, and with promotion online he sold the house in just 14 short days.

Purchasing a home is extremely stressful! There are so many variables that can happen which will ruin a possible sale. With Chris Basile he made it easier and less stressful for my wife and I. He was very responsive when we were interested in seeing a house. We looked at several houses all over different areas. He didn’t rush us through any of the showings. When we found the house we loved (and ended up purchasing) he answered every one of my questions. Some may have been easy simple questions but he never ignored them.

Chris is very knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate. The process was super easy and less stressful because of Chris. We can now wait till we now find our dream home to move into!